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Bee Driving School prepares teenagers and adults for safe driving. Our comprehensive course, consisting of 6 classes, teaches students the rules of the road. In addition, our behind-the-wheel training provides you with one-on-one training  from a licensed instructor on how to successfully navigate streets, highways and parking lots.
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Bee Driving School has been proudly serving Hamilton, Fairfield Township and West Chester for many years with quality driver's education. Mr. Bee, a retired Wilson Jr. High School teacher, and his wife founded the school over 30 years ago. Their son, Daniel Ruecking, and his wife continue the operation of the company business and maintain its family values. We enjoy working with beginning and remedial drivers and providing a thorough education to best prepare you for your driver's license examination.

Driving Classes

Operating from 3 locations throughout Butler County, Ohio, Bee Driving School has a wide variety of convenient locations near you! Students must complete 6 individual 4 hour classes (in ANY order) to finish our driving course along with 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training. We fully prepare you to drive before you sit in the driver's seat. While you are with our well-trained instructors, you learn how to drive at your own pace. Our vehicles are safe to drive and come equipped with a brake and a mirror on the passenger side for the instructors use. 

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Bee Driving School is ready to get you behind the wheel! If you're 15.5 or older and ready to learn how to drive, sign up for our driver's education classes. We offer various classes throughout the month and schedule behind-the-wheel training for weekends or holidays. Give us a call today at 513-887-2222 to learn more about our classes and our pricing.

The Process

If you are under 18, you are required to take a driver's education course in order to get your driver's license. Once you are 15.5 you can enroll in our classes and we will get the ball rolling so you can take your driver's licence test once you turn 16!
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